An Interactive ITS Handbook for Planning Large Events

A comprehensive guide to Intelligent Transport System (ITS) tools supporting mobility solutions for large-scale sporting events, ceremonies, expositions and more.

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Inside the Handbook

The handbook facilitates the selection and implementation of ITS solutions to support mobility strategies of large events. It includes a section describing large events, a section on ITS applications, including proven tools and recently deployed demonstrations, and an interactive decision support system, guiding you to a prioritized set of tools for your event. References to ITS suppliers are also included.

Who can benefit?

The stadium handbook is designed for anyone planning to host a large event, interested in large event transportation aspects, or who wants to understand how ITS can support a transport strategy.

Enter the Decision Support System

Inside the Decision Support System (DSS), the user can match an event's criteria to one of four large event types. Based on the type, a set of transport requirements are presented with priorities. For each requirement, relevant mobility strategies are displayed and ranked. And, for each strategy, a set of vetted ITS solutions are prioritized and described.
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Transport Requirements

Each of the four large event types described in the handbook have a different set of requirements. In total, 13 event specific transport requirements are included, including those concerned with traffic management, collective transport, information services, and system integration and transport demand and control.
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Mobility Strategies

Each event requirement is associated with various mobility strategies, including 24 different strategies in total. The mobility strategies range from pre-trip planning to fleet management to road pricing to network monitoring and more.
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ITS Tools

About 30 ITS tools are presented, relating to the strategies relevant to your event. Tool topics include collective and alternative transport, demand management, payment systems, information services and more.
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About the STADIUM Project

The Handbook is the result of STADIUM, a broader project cofinanced by the European Commission (DG Research and Innovation) designed to promote the optimisation of transport systems - both public and private - around large events using ITS technology while taking all potential users and concerned people into consideration.
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